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March 22, 2021 Education Helping Hand Amplified 0

Try to get a group of motivated friends together and create a study group. When you surround yourself with motivated, serious friends, you will find learning much more fulfilling and enjoyable. Commit to a weekly study session at someone’s house or meet at the library. Being part of a study group makes you more accountable because the other group members count on you to show up for study sessions. By having scheduled group sessions, you are less likely to put off studying until the last minute. Thus, scheduled group sessions will help to eliminate procrastination. Studying in a group has powerful benefits. It can make study sessions more productive because if you don’t understand a concept, you can ask your fellow group members questions to clear up your confusion. Another benefit is that you can share notes and fill in learning gaps because study groups provide an excellent opportunity where everyone can check the accuracy of their own notes and can fill in any information they may have missed. You will also be able to see how other students take notes, which will enable you to improve your own note-taking skills.

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