Are you taking notes in class?

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Are you taking notes in class?

March 22, 2021 Education Helping Hand Amplified 0

When taking notes during class, don’t try to capture everything your teacher says – you won’t be able to. Instead, write down only the key points or keywords. Listen for the big ideas and write them down. Try to identify your teacher’s emphasis cues like “the two main reasons were…” or “this is significant because…” Write the main ideas down that your teacher emphasizes. Also, copy anything that your teacher writes on the board because it’s likely to be important.

At home, you can summaries these concepts in your own words. This will deepen your understanding of the topic. You can also add diagrams to illustrate key points and use different colours for different sub-topics. This will make your notes visually appealing and will make your study sessions more interesting and motivating. Try to find connections between different concepts and ideas to broaden your understanding.

Dr Ora Marx


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