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January 23, 2021 Education Helping Hand Amplified Teachers 0

Helpful tips for learners to improve your writing ✍. 

If you have to write an essay for school, it can help if you first create an outline. If you don’t want to make a detailed outline, list the bullet points that summarize what you want to write about. Don’t worry about getting everything perfect in your first draft. It is fine to make mistakes, make sure you leave a bit of time for proofreading and editing afterwards to fix any mistakes.

When you reread your work, you’ll often find that you can express your thoughts more clearly. The ultimate way to improve your writing is to use every opportunity to practice your writing skills. The more you write, edit, and proofread, the better you get at it.

Most teachers will be more than happy to help improve your writing skills and, therefore, agree to help you if you ask them. One way to do this is to write additional essays and then ask your teachers for feedback on improving specific areas of your work. As a result, you’ll become a better writer.

Happy writing!

Dr Ora Marx


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