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January 22, 2021 Education Helping Hand Amplified 0

To have a healthy, balanced lifestyle, it is essential to set clear boundaries. Distractions are part of life and are inevitable. It can easily steer you off course if you are not prepared. Therefore, you need clear boundaries.

Boundaries are a set of rules that you can create for yourself to serve as guidelines. It can have many benefits. Life is full of surprises, and unexpected events will get in the way, but if you have a set of boundaries to refer to, it will help you make decisions based on what is best for you, not just the people around you. Some people will always try to manipulate you, but remember that not everyone has the same level of commitment to their academics than you do. If you have a set of boundaries, it will be easier to stay true to yourself. Having clear boundaries will make it easier when you encounter peer pressure and help you determine who you may hang out with and under what circumstances.

Distinguish between events you really want to attend and then stick to your boundaries, for instance not to go out with friends more than once a week.

Dr Ora Marx 


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