South African children struggle. Do you want to help them?

Helping Hand Amplified

South African children struggle. Do you want to help them?

October 12, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Good day.

You are reading this post because you care!  We share a vision…wanting to make a difference and give back to humanity.

The Helping Hand Amplified Team assists the existing schooling system in South Africa by positively impacting children’s fine motor skills.  Foundation phase scholars who struggle with homework, school work and literacy.

The Kinaesthetic learning exercise programme consists of YouTube clips that are freely distributed.  It is created with care and love to be performed daily, five days a week and for six weeks, with your existing school and home work.

Kinaesthetic learning programme is a four part series:

  1. Fine motor warm ups
  2. Gross Motor Warm ups
  3.  Intrinsic Hand Muscles free active exercises
  4.  Intrinsic Hand Strengthening Exercises with Elastics and Pegs


Watch, do and send this Fine motor warm ups to teachers, parents and schools ideal for children between ages 5-10.


Thank you for sharing our vision and this programme.

Much love,


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