Childhood Grasp Development

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Childhood Grasp Development

September 15, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Good day!

The vision of The Helping Hand Amplified Team is to promote education to every South African child by starting at the foundation schooling phase.  We believe that fine motor hand development at the correct age is crucial for future academic and occupational success.

We further love beautiful, fluent and legible handwriting.  Is your child’s handwriting legible, fluent, neat and fast?  Congratulations!

These are good signs of correct fine motor development of their hand.

Take a look at this Youtube clip (link provided) sharing the grasping development of a child’s hand from the age of four to seven months.

Can you see how they start with a reflex palmar grasp.  Development of the hand also occurs from the ulnar (little finger) side to the radial (thumb) side.

Do you share our vision?

Want to know how you can help?  Very easy, please share this post with your colleagues, family and friends!

Much love,

Monique from THHAT


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