Celebrating the 5th Hand Amplified Course

Helping Hand Amplified

Celebrating the 5th Hand Amplified Course

March 14, 2018 Helping Hand Amplified 0

On the weekend of the 2nd – 4th of March our very talented chairperson of The Helping Hand Amplified Team and founder of The Hand Amplified Course, Monique Keller, presented the 5th Hand Amplified course at the Netcare Rehabilitation Hospital in Auckland Park Johannesburg. Together with co-presenter Jessica Lund and guest speaker Lindi Pomeroy, speaking about Graded Motor Imagery, as well as Dr Marshall Murdock covering the topic of X-rays, the attending therapists could enjoy a 2 ½ day course, allowing for more time to put theory into practise.

A variety of topics were covered including:
• Anatomy of the wrist and hand
• Bony landmarks / Standardised measuring / Dynamometer
• Stages of healing
• Functional capacity of the hand
• How to read X-rays
• Tendon injuries
• Assessment of the wrist and hand
• Most common wrist and hand injuries
• Nerve and tendon transfers
• Graded Motor Imagery
• Mirror Therapy (3d phase of Graded Motor Imagery)

The course was described as being “very valuable & enjoyable”, being “well presented” by “passionate & approachable presenters” allowing for “a safe place to learn and ask questions” which left attendees feeling “confident to treat hand patients”.

We would like to thank the presenters and attending therapists for making the 5th Hand Amplified Course a success.

I would like to leave you with a peek into the heart of the course developer, Monique Keller…

Standing because of Others

The Hand Amplified dream was conceived during a train trip in 2015, after attending the FESSH congress in Milan. Inspired and made possible by Women; strong, intelligent, exceedingly kind and open-hearted Women. They shared their knowledge openly and instilled a love and passion for the human hand within me.

Faces light up intermittently in my mind’s eye, what they said, how they communicated and shared their passion. Meeting these women in Durban, Pretoria, Gauteng, Bloemfontein, Cape Town and Italy, changed the course of my life and career. It certainly took courage and vulnerability to stand up and speak.

I knew it was my turn as I was heading through Johannesburg, my destination the 5th Hand Amplified course venue. “In 60 minutes time I have to stand, be open-hearted, sharing knowledge, their passionate knowledge, freely.” My mind was racing, my heart beating like a bongo drum! Feeling so many human emotions, I asked “can this human heart please be open, open to be as vulnerable and courageous.” I was in the privileged position to share knowledge regarding the amazing hand and its rehabilitation.

Thankfulness flowed over me…with a deep sense of peace, knowing why I can stand.

I stand because of these Women. I stand because of Others!

Join us for our upcoming Hand Amplified courses in 2018:
• 8-10 June Bloemfontein, University of Free State.
• 14-16 September, Netcare Rehabilitation Hospital, Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

Chanel Vlok McCabe
Occupational Therapist
Author of Hand Matters Blog


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