The Helping Hand Amplified Team

Education in Abundance
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The Helping Hand Amplified Team at our core believes that every child must reach their full developmental and literacy capacity. An abundance in literacy instruction and skills will eradicate the limitations placed on South African children with regards to social, economic, physical or psychological challenges. Literacy includes reading, handwriting and phonetic skills.



For our Scholars; it is our mission to reach and positively impact literacy in a 10 000 foundation phase scholars in South Africa by 2025. For our Therapists; it is our mission to train hand therapists of the highest quality, decrease disability after sustaining hand injuries and to lower the prevalence of occupational induced hand injuries among manual therapists.



Our innovative, creative and fun literacy programmes enable learners to develop and expand their literacy capacity through an increased awareness of their hands as well as training gross and fine motor skills, necessary for writing and keyboarding. The first series consists of 4 Parts specifically numbered to grade the training. Each learner’s unique stage of development should be taken into consideration when adapting the exercise prescription and perhaps repeating the Part if it is not yet mastered.

Kinaestheic Programmes:

Part 1_Fine Motor Warm Ups Part 2_Gross Motor Development Part 3_Intrinsic Free Active Exercises Part 4_Hand Muscle Strengthening with Pegs and Elastics.

Super Star Exercises: For learners with special educational needs, children with developmental delay or to optimise development in foundation phase scholars our brand new programme, Super Star Exercise programme ,is created especially for you. Get all exercise videos on the Helping Hand Amplified Team YouTube page. LEARN MORE
Education in Abundance

The Helping Hand Amplified Team

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

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Educate in Abundance

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Be the reason South African scholars achieve their dreams and be successful in life.

Educate in Abundance

The Team

The face behind Helping Hand Amplified

Monique Keller

Founder & CEO

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Our team consists of foundation phase school teachers, private tutors, therapists and parents who work relentlessly to serve foundation phase scholars and the existing Department of Education.

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